B is, in fact, for briquettes and cooking grids. These can both get quite greasy after use, so you want to get rid of that grease before you put them in storage. Turn the briquettes over so the greasy side is facing the burner. Keep the cooking grids in their regular place, then light the grill and keep the lid closed. Set the flame to high and leave it for 15 minutes - this should be long enough for the heat to burn the grease off the briquettes and grids.

After everything has cooled off, remove the briquettes and grids and use the brush and the soapy water to clean off any remaining grease. Rinse, dry, and set them aside while you move on to the next step.

C Is for Clogs

You now need to clean the burner and tubes because if they are (or get) clogged with food drippings, they can short out the igniter flame. (And you really don't want to short out your igniter flame.) While the grill is in storage, spiders and insects sometimes "move into" the gas tubes (aka venturi tubes). Between grease and wildlife, you grill could become hard to start and/or have an uneven flame the next time you try to use it, so be sure all of the components are clean.


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