Either way, they can then find new ideas and inspiration to guide their decisions and they can put all of these ideas into one spot to serve as a reference. Because you can work on boards collaboratively, the bride and groom can both go about looking for different ideas together at the same time and add them to the board so they can both see them. They can also add their own notes to read later, etc.
If you have photos on your computer of a wedding you’ve been to and really enjoyed meanwhile, you can upload photos from there. Or you can write notes and draw sketches and upload those as pins. You can also show other people those same ideas to see what your maid of honor thinks of your ideas so far for example, or you can let other users see your board and get inspiration from you that way.

There are many other common ways that Pinterest gets used. Here are just a few:

  • Collecting images that you find appealing/inspiring

  • Collating ideas and inspiration for a new web design/app UI


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