How about the car you are driving. Is it financed with a huge monthly payment or does it have lousy gas mileage. Consider selling it and buying a more affordable vehicle. If you can pay for a car outright do that, and be free of a payment. If financing is your only option, shop the loan, and buy a cheap vehicle with a low payment. Another option is refinance your current loan. In some cases your bank will be open to the idea. Don't let a car stand between you, your children and financial freedom.

Your car insurance is a costly bill each month. Consider raising your deductibles, you don't have to raise them a ton, find out how much it would reduce your rate. ? Also, go over your policy, what are you paying for? In some cases things are mysteriously added to your policy that you do not need. Ask for a multiple car or good driver discount. More discounts may be available if you use the same insurance company for both your homeowners and your car insurance. For those that are no longer working, chances are you are driving less. Most insurance companies will reward that with a discount, but if they do not know about it, it is not going to happen. For older vehicles, seven years or older consider only carrying liability and uninsured motorist.
The number one reason people file bankruptcy is medical bills. Knowing that means you must have health insurance, but maybe you don't have to pay as much as your paying. For those of us that have individual polices, shop it. Remember, these companies are competitors. For those that have spouse whose company offers it, you should really evaluate it and know what you are paying for. Some employers offer their employees different coverage options. Know what they are, and if it is advantageous for you to switch to a different option. Your health insurance is an absolute necessity, not having it, is not an option. Really studying your monthly expenditures is a eye opening experience. Reducing your expenses and learning to live by a budget could be the key to becoming a stay at home mom. Don't be shy, get aggressive with your budget and what you can save will stun you. Remember, if you want it bad enough, it will happen.


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