When you create valuable information from your knowledge, then you're wanting to get benefits from it by sharing your expertise with others. One of the best ways to do this is to write short articles on any topic of your niche, blog or your website. By doing so, you can then offer these articles to other websites by submitting them to article directories.
A great thing about submitting your content to article directories is that they get indexed by search engines, regularly. Not only this, but you also gain extra exposure when others copy your articles to place it on their blog, website or newsletters etc.
By letting others reprint your article, there also copying your link within your bio or resource box. Because at the bottom of ever article you submit or even within the article body, you have added a link to your website. Not only will you gain visitors, but you will benefit from the hyperlinks that are created. This tactic is the fundamentals of what is called 'article marketing'.


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